About Us

Closed Road represents a "forbidden" path few dare to go. However, when one strays from the norm and pursues life past its blockades they will find bountiful memories without regret. 
The grim reaper is often a symbol used by media depicting fear and other dreadful concepts. Our mascot, Grim, represents going against conceptions that so many are afraid of. Grim strays from the norm with his own individuality.
Follow the Closed Road, and there you will prosper without fearing the things that Grim often represents. 
Our brand name is inspired by a real place we called the "Closed Road" while we were growing up. It was a location we felt like we could always escape to whether we were feeling rebellious or just needed a place to get away as teenagers. Some of our best memories were made there. We hope that you find your "Closed Road", wherever and whatever it may be.