Chris Caleon Spreads Positive Vibes- Why You Need To Hear His Outlook

Chris Caleon Spreads Positive Vibes- Why You Need To Hear His Outlook

by Ethan Hoffer

Wanting to offer our customers some insight on the messages behind our brand, we figured that interviewing customers with similar interests as us could offer an alternate perspective of our brand from someone else's point of view. Chris Caleon has been an ambassador for APPK since early August and continues to promote our apparel because of our shared outlooks. You can find him at his instagram @chriscaleon spreading positive vibes to his followers while aspiring to be one of the next top models. Because of the immense amount of positivity put forward on his account, we figured he was most deserving of our first blog post where we will be highlighting different aspects of APPK and promoting positivity. 




Introduce yourself! Where are you from and what’s your story? 

"I am from Chino Hills, CA. I’m 16 years old and my passion is fashion. From a young age I’ve always been into the fact that you can’t style yourself based on how you want to present yourself to the world. that’s always interested me."


What’s your favorite thing about APPK? 

"My favorite thing about APPK is their quality and concentration to detail in their products."


Why does APPK resonate with you? What about the brand stands out? 

"APPK is one of the few brands that genuinely cares about their customers satisfaction. I believe this is crucial in an upcoming brand. That’s what I love."


Where do you see the brand heading? 

"I see the brand heading in the right direction and definitely going up, considering them keeping up with new styles and trends." 



Are there any experiences you’d like to share that would qualify you as an “Anti Popular Popular Kid”? 

 "Not really😂"


Do you think weird is the new norm? 

"I believe being weird is just a term of being different. I wouldn’t consider it a norm. Being different is what separates the strong and weak."


Why do you think it’s important to be yourself and be original? 

"I believe being yourself and original, expresses the uniqueness in yourself and excludes you from all the other people that want to be “normal”. It’s okay to be different."


What advice do you have regarding social norms that you would like to share? 

"I think that people shouldn’t think that just because someone dresses a certain way or acts a certain way, makes them weird. It just represents them being themselves."



One thing to tell “the kids”? 

"One thing I can tell the kids is to be yourself, and be who you want to be. Do what makes you happy, and ignore anyone who disagrees."


Any last thoughts or something you’d like to share? 

"I’d just like to thank APPK for this opportunity to share what I believe and help the youth."


Where can the readers find you?

"If you want to contact me, my instagram is @chriscaleon"


Thank you Chris for taking your time to answer our questions. We couldn't have said a lot of these things better ourselves. You can use the discount code CHRIS05 for 5% off our store.


Be Original.